SAP experts joining S5 Consulting

Last summer, we started our search for four new consultants with high technical competence, excellent consulting skills, extensive experience and strong academic background. Three of them are now employed, and will be in place during the coming months.

S5 Consulting_Ole Kristian BranæsOle Kristian Branæs is the first to join us in the role as Senior SAP Consultant on October 1st. He comes to S5 Consulting from Skye AS, and will strenghten our team in the following areas:

  • SAP Development (ABAP, HANA, HANA Cloud Platform)
  • SAP Integration
  • SAP HANA Migration

S5 Consulting_Gary O'NeillOnly a few weeks later, he is followed by Gary O’Neill, also in the role as Senior SAP Consultant. Gary’s background is also from Skye, and he will mainly be a resource within:

  • SAP Agentry Work Manager
  • SAP Mobile Platform / Sybase Unwired Platform
  • SAP Mobility / UX
  • SAP ABAP & HANA Cloud Platform
  • Java, C programming

S5 Consulting_Antonio MorenoIn January 2017, Antonio Moreno will join us as Senior SAP Consultant. Antonio has been an independent consultant for a while, and worked for Itelligence before that. He is especially skilled within:

  • SAP WM
  • SAP RLM (Remote Logistics Management)
  • SAP PM (Project Management)

Antionio has extensive experience from several industries; engineering, oil & gas, retail, FMCG and life science.
”We look forward to getting them into the team. S5 Consulting experiences an intense period of growth and development, and Ole Kristian, Gary and Antonio will strengthen us in areas that are strategically important for our projects moving forward”, says Sveinung Gehrken, Managing Director in S5 Consulting.

Do you want to know more about your career options in S5 Consulting?
Sveinung will be happy to hear from you on or 473 18 037.

New times in S5 Consulting

This summer we have made some changes on the management side of S5 Consulting, as well as several important strategic decisions. Our partner and sales / recruitment manager, Tom W. Gulbrandsen has decided to resign from the company, which he helped establish in 2013. He has decided to take on new challenges as Senior Account Executive in SAP Norway.

Germany, Cologne, Businesspeople walking upstairs --- Image by © Jo Kirchherr/Westend61/Corbis

Germany, Cologne, Businesspeople walking upstairs — Image by © Jo Kirchherr/Westend61/Corbis

S5 Consulting’s vision has always been “to create excitement through SAP”, and we have invested a lot in building a formal and relevant SAP expertise. CEO Sveinung Gehrken confirms that they have successfully thrilled their customers, both within mobile solutions, development and integrations, which is mirrored in larger projects for recognised Norwegian and international companies.

“As we have had enormous growth and a positive development, it has been natural to angle the enterprise through featured services and solutions to adapt to the market demands. This is especially important when it comes to mobility, development and integration, which we wish to cultivate” Gehrken says.

Tom W. Gulbrandsen was a central part of the startup and development of S5 Consulting through the first couple of years. The fact that he chose to accept a role in SAP is natural considering S5’s strategic direction. He will, without a doubt, become a major contributor to their centre of expertise.

“The opportunity in SAP came at the right time for Tom, and we understand his decision”, emphasizes Gehrken.

Gehrken will now be in charge of sales and recruitment, in cooperation with partners Håvard Grenan and Terje Pedersen. Initially they will not hire anyone for this specific role.


Rapid pace and new resources

S5 Consulting have throughout the last couple of years gained a lot of attention from larger businesses domestically and abroad, and the autumn is filled with exciting projects. There is a need for more resources, and S5 will throughout the next couple of months hire four more employees:

“We wish to gain professionally strong people with academic backgrounds, technical skills and 2-4 years of experience from the consulting industry, preferably from relevant projects relative to S5’s operations. If you think you have these traits, we would like to hear from you”, Gehrken adds. He is looking forward to embark on an exciting autumn.
Sveinung Gehrken_S5 Consulting


If you would like to know more about S5 Consulting or their career opportunities, please contact CEO Sveinung Gehrken, 473 18 037 or

Our user experience is lifted to new heights

In S5 Consulting we take streamlining and simplification seriously. We lift the user experience to new heights by making SAP Fiori apps aware of their surroundings. ‘Internet of things’ (IOT) makes our solutions more useable by utilizing sensors and device features. Logins with biometric authentications and contactless scanning using NFC and RFID makes the system more efficient and excites our users. Here you can see how!

Would you like to know more? Please contact Nicolay Aarstad Wildhagen in S5 Consulting.

Rahul Agrawal started at S5 Consulting

Our latest addition Rahul Agrawal describes his new employer as a competent, innovative and full of opportunities. In other words, we go hand iS5 Consulting_Rahul Agrawaln hand!

Rahul has key expertise in SAP ABAP and Neptune Designer. He looks forward to contributing specifically within integration and Neptune Applications in S5 Consulting projects. His motivation to work in S5 is great, and Rahul justifies it this way:

“S5 Consulting inspires me as a workplace. My new colleagues are competent and innovative, and are working with the latest technologies. There’s huge opportunity for learning and development, and when the enjoyment factor is high as well, I see a bright future!”

As a very engaged professional Rahul is also keen to maintain his skills. He believes SAP Mobility with SAPUI5 and SAP S/4HANA are going to become increasingly dominant industry solutions in the future, and is always looking for opportunities to enhance his knowledge in these and other relevant areas.

“I’m always looking for relevant online courses, for example via and spend much of my spare time searching the SBN and technical websites.”

Want to know more about how Rahul can assist your business? Contact Sveinung Gehrken.

Closer collaboration between S5 Consulting and Neptune Software

S5 Consulting_Nicolay Wildhagen

S5 Consulting as formal partner and Neptune Software have provided several excellent user experiences and projects to SAP customers.

S5 Consulting’s Nicolay Wildhagen has contributed strongly to the development of the Neptune UX platform for a while now, and is also a recognized certified Neptune Trainer. Nicolay is S5’s team lead for Fiori/mobility and UX, where Neptune has a significant part.

The partners have now taken the collaboration even further, and signed an agreement where Nicolay is included in Neptune’s technical development team. This confirms S5’s strong position, and will provide SAP and Neptune customers with a solid guarantee that they will be treated with the proper qualifications.

SAP gir S5 Consulting fornyet SAP PCoE-tillit

S5 Consulting_Tom W. Gulbrandsen_2015

Vi er stolte av å ha kommet gjennom SAPs trange nåløye nok en gang, og fått fornyet vår status som SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) for de neste 2 årene.

– Det har skjedd og skjer mye rundt SAP, spesielt på teknologi og løsninger rundt “suite on HANA”, Hybris C4C, Fiori/mobilitet, og ikke minst S/4 HANA Enterprise Management. S5 Consulting har løpende tatt store investeringer i å holde seg oppdatert på relevant teknologi, og har tatt konsekvensen ved å ta alle relevante kunnskapsløft, sertifiseringer og praktiske prosjekter. Dette gir våre kunder og samarbeidspartnere trygghet på at S5 Consulting har den formelle og relevante SAP-ekspertise, og befester igjen vår posisjon som en av få SAP-partnere i Norge med dette nivået av kompetanse. Det betyr også at vi kan ta ansvar for lisensvedlikehold og support på vegne av SAP, sier Tom W. Gulbrandsen, partner i S5 Consulting.
S5 Consulting_PCoE_2016

InnoJam utsatt til over sommeren

Dette arrangementet er utsatt til over sommeren – vi kommer tilbake med ny dato.


SAP Fiori ble lansert i 2013 som SAPs nye brukerflate, med et enkelt og moderne brukergrensesnitt tilpasset mobil, nettbrett og nettlesere. Neptune Software benytter åpen kildekode fra SAP for å effektivisere utviklingen av SAP Fiori applikasjoner verden over. I S5 Consulting har vi opparbeidet oss mye kompetanse på SAP Fiori, og opplever stor etterspørsel fra markedet på dette området.

9. juni inviterer vi bransjekolleger til «InnoJam» i våre lokaler på Lysaker. Har du stor interesse for utvikling av SAP Fiori applikasjoner med Neptune User Experience Platform vil du ha spesielt stor glede av å delta, og du vil selvfølgelig møte eksperter fra både Neptune og S5 Consulting. Vi serverer pizza med egnet drikke. Velkommen!

Tid: 9. juni kl. 16.00
Sted: S5 Consulting AS, Strandveien 10, 1366 Lysaker
Påmelding & spørsmål: Mail til Sveinung Gehrken

Bli med på vårens viktigste seminar innen S/4 HANA



24. mai 2016 | Onda restaurant på Aker Brygge.

S5 Consulting arrangerer sammen med SAP, SBN og Basis Consulting en fagdag stappfull av faglige innlegg, erfaringsutveksling, inspirasjon og nettverksbygging. Vi stiller med ledende eksperter i Norge og svarer deg på alle spørsmål om S/4 HANA.

Med flotte omgivelser på Aker Brygge, er rammene lagt til rette for en givende dag sammen med gode bransjefolk.
Sammen med felles kunde kjører S5 Consulting og Basis Consulting et prosjekt for å oppgradere fra R3 til S/4 HANA. Vår daglig leder Sveinung Gehrken og teamet fra S5 vil på seminaret presentere sin reise til S/4 HANA, med fokus på:

  • Hva kreves av kunden for å ta reisen til S/4 HANA
  • Utfordringer og komplikasjoner man kan forvente underveis
  • Gode eksempler og gevinster fra nøkkelfunksjonalitet i Enterprise Management Suite
  • Gjennomgang av relevante endringer i S/4 HANA for eksisterende SAP ERP kunder.
  • SAP Business Suite on HANA vs. S/4 HANA
  • Nye muligheter for å etablere moderne API-er, både eksternt og internt
  • Ytelse på standard og egne løsninger, erfaringer.

I tillegg vil Sveinung Gehrken være representert i ekspertpanelet som svarer på deltagernes spørsmål om S/4 HANA.

Vi ser fram til en innholdsrik om morsom dag, og håper å se mange bransjefolk representert.

Se full agenda og meld deg på her!