SAP Cloud For Customer(C4C)

SAP Cloud For Customer(C4C)


Engage your customers in more meaningful ways with SAP Cloud for Customer. This cloud CRM portfolio brings marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, and social CRM together – to help your team form powerful personal connections that drive customer engagement across all channels. Take advantage of best-in-class contact management, customer analytics, and more.

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Cloud For Marketing

SAP Cloud for Marketing is a marketing functionality of SAP’s Cloud for Customer suite.

Segment your accounts, build target groups and run campaigns for targeted customers using any channel and track the campaigns effectiveness with effective reporting.

Cloud For Sales

Give your sales team the right engine that will simplify the processes of sales, engaging with contacts. Leverage the power of HANA and Predictive analysis for sales intelligence, Let ‘Deal Finder’ suggest what deals to focus on. Convert these deals into opportunities.

SAP C4C Deal-Finder

Find the right decision makers.

With ‘’Influencer map’’, your problem to find the right person to reach the decision maker is solved. Find the right person who can influence the decision maker, closing the deal is much more fun.

SAP C4C Influencer-Map

Cloud For Service

Take customer service to a whole new level by empowering service agents to deliver exceptional
customer experience effortlessly time after time.

Incidents can be created manually by agents and employees who have access to the system or a portal. Or incident creation can be triggered by inbound e-mail messages, a chat, an SMS, or a social media message, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
All channels can identify customers based on data available from, for example, the social media profile, e-mail address, or phone number. This enables the software to create new tickets and update existing ones automatically.

SAP C4C Interaction center

With integration with SAP ERP Central Component, SAP Cloud for Service can create tickets directly from sales order items.

Cloud For Social

Engage with your customers on social media
Build and protect your brand’s reputation – with cloud-based tools for social media engagement and monitoring.
  • Connect and engage with customers through social media
  • Use team collaboration and enterprise data to ensure timely, effective responses through social media
  • Route and prioritize messages from multiple Twitter and Facebook channels
  • Collaborate enterprise-wide for fast, informed responses
  • Combine social and enterprise data to establish complete customer profiles
  • Analyze team effectiveness, service trends, and sentiment
  • Analyse and evaluate

    With enormous reporting capability and more than 200 standard reports, analyse and evaluate your business like never before.

  • Ease of creating dashboard’s with imperative reports.
  • Get insight into performance of your team.
  • Get insight into your business operations.
  • SAP C4C Reports


    With pre-packaged integration conent, it is very cost effective and stress free to integrate SAP C4C with SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP BI and SAP Business one.
    SAP PO or SAP Hana Cloud Integration platform can be used to integrate SAP C4C with backend systems.

  • SAP C4C – SAP BI
  • SAP C4C – SAP Business One.
  • SAP C4C – 3rd Party ERP systems.
  • Desktop, Smart phone’s, Tablet’s, Smart watches….

    Why choose S5 Consulting?

    S5 Consulting combines leading application and processing resources with well experienced and certified SAP Cloud For Customer resources. This combination is unique and allows you to deal with only one partner and be assured that you are getting the best available expertise.

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    Shiva Nag, SAP C4C Expert

    Shiva Nag is our Certified SAP Cloud For Customer(C4C) expert with multi-project implementation experience within SAP Cloud For Customer(C4C). Get in touch with him to know how S5 can help you in implementing SAP Cloud For Customer ”risk free”.

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