Svein-Bjarne Moeng

Svein-Bjarne is our new SAP-developer. In addition to seven years from his own consulting business, Svein-Bjarne has experience from Pearl Consulting and ProSap.
His key expertise is within integration, development and Mobile/web/IoT/cloud, more specifically ABAB, R3 and internet services.

Svein-Bjarne is known for his unique understanding of architecture, process and SAP applications, and has a genuine and passionate interest for SAP and development. We are looking forward to giving our customers and partners the pleasure of collaborating with him.

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      S5 Consulting Antonio Moreno

      Antonio Moreno

      Antonio is a very experienced SAP Consultant. Since 1998, he has gained extensive experience from the various projects he has been involved in Norway and abroad. He has primarily worked within Materials Management and Warehouse Management, during the past 10 years on projects for large companies such as Statoil ASA, Atea and most recently ENI Norge.

      Antonio has great insight of the work processes and IT systems used within the business area. Through consulting assignments, he has acquired good experience in surveying, design, implementation, upgrades and documentation of many different business processes.

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        S5 Consulting_Svein Gunnar Larsen

        Svein Gunnar Larsen

        Svein Gunnar has a Bachelor’s degree in game programming, and has worked six years within market research in Confirmit as Technical Insights Engineer.

        His expertise lies within system integrations, javascript, HTML, CSS (Web – UX development) and Web Services (SOAP – REST). As a person and employee, he has been described as a problem solver – a great strength to bring into complex projects.

        Svein Gunnar’s choice of recreational activities shows both his strategic capabilities and adventurousness; he spends his free time playing chess and climbing mountains.

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          S5 Consulting_Rahul Agrawal

          Rahul Agrawal

          Rahul has key expertise within SAP ABAP and Neptune Designer. His competence is major contribution to the areas of integration and Neptune Applications in S5 Consulting’s projects. He is keen to keep the skills alive, and is always looking for opportunities to strengthen his knowledge.

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              S5 Consulting_Gary O'Neill

              Gary O’Neill

              Gary’s expertise is within UX, mobility and technology. In S5 Consulting, his main role is as a developer within ERP solutions and SAP Mobile (Agentry and Fiori).

              Gary came to S5 Consulting from Skye, with a heavy tech expertise and long experience from IBM and SAP technology. He aims to always deliver user-friendly solutions in line with the customer’s needs.

              Besides work, family os Gary’s focus, and whenever there is time, he enjoys games, movies and good TV series.

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                Martin Sommer_S5 Consulting

                Martin Sommer

                Martin’s educational background is within integration architecture. In S5 Consulting, he is responsible for User Experience and SAP systems. He previously worked for Evry, and contributes with significant technological expertise and experience across the SAP modules and standard processes.

                Martin strives to create lasting value for customers and partners.

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                  S5 Consulting_Thomas S. Andersen

                  Thomas S. Andersen

                  Thomas is S5 Consulting’s SAP developer, with key expertise and long experience in User Experience. He has an impressive background with a Master in Psychology, which he advantageously uses when he simplifying and enhancing the user experience in SAP.

                  Thomas takes great responsibility in his work, is always up to speed and is passionate about the integration between people and technology.

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                    Håvard Grenan

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                      Mikael Jonsson

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                        Terje Pedersen

                        Terje’s primary role is as application consultant within sales and logistics, but he also functions as a project manager and solution architect in S5 Consulting. His strong focus on new SAP user experience has helped many companies and SAP users to become more efficient, through simpler solutions based on new UX technology, especially in sales and logistics.

                        Terje is a passionate Lean thinker, a great advantage to his focus on new user experiences.

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