S5 Consulting creates excitement with SAP

Our consultants have long experience working with customers in several industries, all of them with extensive competence from successful SAP projects.
We regularly share our customers’ experiences with S5 Consulting, and show you how we create excitement with SAP.

Subscriptions Solution for Gyldendal

We have provided great user experience for Gyldendal and contributed to increased efficiency for employees and customers. S5 Consulting delivered a subscription solution that simplifies the purchase of products for Gyldendal’s education customers.

“One of the great advantages with S5 Consulting is that they understand what we want to achieve, and at the same time challenge us in some of the choices we make. The solution is better than we had expected before we started the project.”
Anders Gudmestad

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Warehouse Management for Lilleborg – part 1

Lilleborg is one of our excited customers, where we have delivered several innovative solutions for warehouse management.

“We have beaten several records since we started using the app, so there is obviously a connection(…) It is a really useful control tool, and it has a motivational effect on the warehouse workers(…) Terje and S5 have been able to detect our needs and have also been a sparring partner for ideas and solutions. They have been really helpful.”
Ole Johnny Syversen

Warehouse Management for Lilleborg – Part 2

“With this solution we can run many orders at once without losing track. (…) We have learned the solutions as we have gone along. It has a user-friendly interface. (…) The people who have designed this know what we need, and they know warehouse logistics.”
Ole Johnny Syversen

Do you want to know more about the solutions we have developed for Lilleborg? Get in touch with Terje Pedersen.

S5 Consulting improves efficiency at Nidar

Orkla’s confectionery and snacks factory Nidar in Trondheim has implemented a mobile solution based on Neptune Software for truck terminals. This has helped them achieve a more efficient way to pick goods, while the process used to be very manual and comprehensive. “The truck driver saves 20 minutes per order, so this is a huge efficiency improvement”, says Magnar Tangen who is the department manager at the factory in Trondheim. We have interviewed Magnar about how the new solution has streamlined the daily routines for the warehouse staff at Nidar.

Tell us about the mobile solution S5 Consulting has delivered to Nidar
– The solution for truck terminals re-structures the way goods are picked in the factory, and works much better than before.

Has there been any efficiency gains associated with the new way to see and group information on?
– Before we got the new solution the process was more manual: The orders were entered into the PC, printed out and went out to a small booth in the warehouse, where they were sorted according to the time they came in. Then the truck driver picked the order and wrote address lists for the customers, added the order numbers, went through the order and counted pallets, copied the A4 sheet, generated the order and began picking. With the new solution, the order is received in the order office, gets designed a slot on the outgoing ramp, the order is generated and appears on the truck terminal. The picker saves 20 minutes per order, so this is a big efficiency improvement!

How would you describe the user experience before and after the new solution?
– The solution from Neptune and S5 Consulting has led to changes in our working methods when we pick the goods. The process is more efficient, and we can already see great potential effects. Over time we will have lower error margin with the new solution than with the old routine. The solution works perfectly, even though we have implemented it in the middle of a very hectic period with both Christmas and Easter deliveries, and it has still gone smoothly. The principle behind the solution is brilliant and there is much to be gained over time.

How is your impression of S5 Consulting as a supplier?
– We have had great support from S5 Consulting and Terje in particular. He knows us and has supported us in previous projects. He is a great resource, and we rarely need to explain what we mean. This is obviously an advantage we benefit from.

Based on your experiences with S5, would you recommend them to other companies for similar projects?
Yes – definitely! We started slowly, and observed Lilleborg’s solution as we had quite comparable challenges. That did the trick.

Do you want to know more about the solutions we have developed for Nidar? Please contact Terje Pedersen.

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