Meet our newest employee Svein-Bjarne Moeng

Meet our newest employee Svein-Bjarne Moeng

Svein-Bjarne Moeng_kvadratisk

We are so fortunate to get the experienced and competent Svein-Bjarne Moeng on our team at S5 Consulting

Svein-Bjarne is our new SAP-developer. In addition to seven years from his own consulting business, Svein-Bjarne has experience from Pearl Consulting and ProSap.

His key expertise is within integration, development and Mobile/web/IoT/cloud, more specifically ABAB, R3 and internet services.

Svein-Bjarne is known for his unique understanding of architecture, process and SAP applications, and has a genuine and passionate interest for SAP and development. We are looking forward to giving our customers and partners the pleasure of collaborating with him.

Do you want to know more about what Svein-Bjarne can contribute with? svein-bjarne@s5con.no or +47 916 35 258.