Functional Location Page

Page Header and General Functions

At the header of the page the Functional Location (FL) Description, Reference and Status’ are displayed. These elements remain the same regardless of the tab selected.


To get Google Map driving directions to the displayed FL select the following button. Directions are only shown where the location for the FL has been maintained.

Menu Functions

Other functions are accessible from the right hand button hamburger menu.

Menu options are:

  • Work Orders for Location – Self explanatory
  • Notifications for Location – Self explanatory
  • Create Notification – see Notifications
  • Create Field Order – see Create Field Order
  • Enter Measurements – see Create Measurement Document
  • Reports – navigate to a list of reports. This information is also available on the Documents Tab
  • SAP FL Display – opens a SAP Web GUI transaction for the FL and is only available if enabled in MyPM Admin and when the MyPM application is used in a SAP Web GUI compatible browser
  • View Inspection History – see Inspection Viewer Application

The remainder of this article along with a series of other articles explain the tabs available in the Functional Location page.

General Tab

The General Tab provides selected information from the Functional Location. The information maintained in this section is self explanatory.