The licensing of the MyPM application is based on an annual subscription charge on a per-user block basis. In addition to the MyPM licenses the following are required:

  • Neptune Software Licenses:
    • 1 x Runtime license
    • 1 x mobile license per MyPM user
    • 1 x web license per administrator
    • 1 x web license per inspection results viewer
  • SAP Licenses for PM functions:
    • 1 x per mobile user plus annual maintenance. These may already exist.
  • Apple Enterprise Developer Account:
    • If using iOS – annual subscription
  • Microsoft Developer Account:
    • If using Windows 10 – annual subscription

Note that:

  • The Neptune licences are not specific to the MyPM application. Once acquired they can be used as the basis to mobilise other areas of operations.
  • The Neptune mobile licenses include web licenses.

The following licenses are optional and need to be acquired directly:

  • PhoneGap Build Service may be used for app generation with a minimal subscription charge from Adobe or the command line Cordova tool can be used at no additional cost.
  • Google Maps requires Google Licenses negotiated directly with Google. For some additional details see: Google Maps FAQ – Premium Plan
  • ESRI ArcGIS related services and licenses negotiated directly with ESRI/ their agents.

Source Software Libraries and Licenses

MyPM uses the following licences components (as at Mar 2017). This lists is subject to change without notice. Please contact Soltius directly for an updated list:

SAP and Neptune Software Product Libraries

These are the known referenced licences provided by either SAP and or Neptune Software as part of the SAP or Neptune Software licensing.
Neptune / SAPUI5Source LinkLicense TypeLicense LinkUsage Notes
OpenUI5 Apache License 2.0 release of major elements of SAPUI5 library as Open Source (Neptune use option – this or Open UI5)
SAPUI5Additional Components available to SAP CustomersSAPSAPs own SAPUI5 library – available to SAP customers (Neptune use option – this or Open UI5)
pdf.js Apache License 2.0 is a Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer that is built with HTML5.
IScroll MIT License 2.0 is a high performance, small footprint, dependency free, multi-platform javascript scroller.
jQuery(inOpenUI5) Jquery License is a fast and concise JavaScript Library. jQuery simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.
Neptune License 2.0 Pad is a JavaScript library for drawing smooth signatures. License link to MIT at bottom of page.
cordova-sqlite-evcore-extbuild-free Commercial/GPL3 have licensed for their customers [NEPTUNE has confirmed Mar 17]. Native interface to sqlite in a Cordova/PhoneGap plugin for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10 (UWP), with API similar to HTML5/Web SQL API.
cordova-plugin-secure-storage MIT License have licensed for their customers [NEPTUNE has confirmed Mar 17]. This plugin is for use with Apache Cordova and allows your application to securely store secrets such as usernames, passwords, tokens, certificates or other sensitive information (strings) on iOS & Android phones and Windows devices.

Cordova Mobile Build Platform

Cordova Mobile PlatformSource LinkLicense TypeLicense LinkUsage Notes
Cordova Apache is software used to take the base application code exported from SAP using Neptune and to wrap it as a ‘hybrid’ mobile application. Optionally customers can subscribe to and use the Adobe PhoneGap Build Services to perform the build function.

MyPM Bundled Cordova PlugIns

These plugins are used within the MyPM application to facilitate communication between the application and the device hardware or other device software.
Cordova PluginsSource LinkLicense TypeLicense LinkUsage Notes
cordova-custom-config MIT License Cordova/Phonegap plugin for iOS and Android provides hook scripts to update platform configuration files based on custom preferences and config-file data defined in config.xml that are not supported out-of-the-box by Cordova/Phonegap.
cordova-plugin-android-fingerprint-auth Apache License 2.0 Plugin to leverage the Android 6.0 Fingerprint Authentication API and allow in-app user authentication using their fingerprint
cordova-plugin-barcodescanner License Plugin to allow the user to open the camera to use as a barcode scanner.
cordova-plugin-battery-status Apache License 2.0 plugin provides an implementation of an old version of the Battery Status Events API
cordova-plugin-bluetoothClassic-serial Apache License 2.0
This plugin enables serial communication over Bluetooth
cordova-plugin-camera Apache License 2.0 plugin defines a global object, which provides an API for taking pictures and for choosing images from the system’s image library
cordova-plugin-client-certificate Apache License 2.0 that uses a client certificate for authentication.
cordova-plugin-compat Apache License 2.0 plugin can depend on this plugin and use it to handle the new run time permissions Android 6.0.0 (cordova-android 5.0.0) introduced.
cordova-plugin-contacts Apache License 2.0 plugin defines a global navigator.contacts object, which provides access to the device contacts database.
cordova-plugin-device License 2.0 plugin defines a global device object, which describes the device’s hardware and software.
cordova-plugin-device-orientation License 2.0 plugin provides access to the device’s orientation (e.g. compass heading)
cordova-plugin-dialogs Apache License 2.0 plugin provides access to some native dialog UI elements
cordova-plugin-file Apache License 2.0 plugin implements a File API allowing read/write access to files residing on the device
cordova-plugin-file-opener2 MIT License plugin will open a file on your device file system with its default application.
cordova-plugin-file-transfer Apache License 2.0 plugin allows you to upload and download files.
cordova-plugin-geolocation Apache License 2.0 plugin provides information about the device’s location, such as latitude and longitude.
cordova-plugin-inappbrowser Apache License 2.0 can show helpful articles, videos, and web resources inside of your app. Users can view web pages without leaving your app.
cordova-plugin-insomnia MIT License the screen of the mobile device from falling asleep.
cordova-plugin-media Apache License 2.0
This plugin provides the ability to record and play back audio files on a device.
cordova-plugin-media-capture Apache License 2.0 plugin provides access to the device’s audio, image, and video capture capabilities
cordova-plugin-network-information Apache License 2.0 plugin provides an implementation of an old version of the Network Information API. It provides information about the device’s cellular and wifi connection, and whether the device has an internet connection.
cordova-plugin-PapaParse License Fast and powerful CSV (delimited text) parser that gracefully handles large files and malformed input
cordova-plugin-splashscreen Apache License 2.0 plugin is required to work with splash screens. This plugin displays and hides a splash screen during application launch.
cordova-plugin-statusbar Apache License 2.0 StatusBar object provides some functions to customize the iOS and Android StatusBar.
cordova-plugin-touchid MIT License Plugin to leverage the iOS local authentication framework to allow in-app user authentication using Touch ID
cordova-plugin-vibration Apache License 2.0
This plugin provides a way to vibrate the device.
cordova-plugin-whitelist Apache License 2.0
This plugin implements a whitelist policy for navigating the application webview on Cordova 4.0
Leaflet BSD License JavaScript library provides a lightweight map
Esri Leaflet License 2.0 leaflet plugin allows for easy integration with ESRI map services
Beer-ware License
This leaflet plugin allows integration with Google Maps
Proj4js License 2.0 library allows for easy CRS transformations
Proj4Leaflet 2 Clause License leaflet plugin links Proj4js to leaflet
Leaflet Marker Cluster
MIT License leaflet plugin allows the clustering of nearby map features
Esri Leaflet Cluster License 2.0 leaflet plugin allows ESRI feature layers to be clustered
Leaflet Shape Markers
Apache License 2.0 leaflet plugin allows rendering of markers as shapes
Leaflet Pattern

BSD 2-Clause

This leaflet plugin allows patterning of polygons

MIT License