Inspection Detail Page

This page is used to create and maintain details on an Inspection Template.

Inspection Tab

The Inspection tab provides summary details for the Inspection:

Question Group Tab

This tab is used to allocation the Groups of Questions for this Inspection and their display order:

Objects Tab

This tab is used to determine when this Inspection will be applied based on:

  • Technical Object Types
  • Order Types – Leave blank to allow the creation an Adhoc (unplanned) Inspection available from the FL or Equipment object. If blank this will not apply to any Orders.
  • Standard Text – Allows the Standard Text Key field of a Work Order Operation to be considered when evaluating template assignment. ¬†Leave blank to ignore the Standard Text Key. Inspections assigned using the Standard Text Key show as Operation Inspections in the MyPM application.
  • Characteristic and Characteristic Value
  • Required – setting this on will require that the user complete this Inspection type or marks it as Asset no found’ before they can Complete the Order in MyPM. Will have no effect on lines without an Order Type (i.e. Adhoc Inspections)

Using this functionality you can, for example, have a Technical Object Type of ‘power-pole’ and use the construction type characteristic value to determine the correct inspection for concrete versus wooden.

Standard Text – Important Note

To use the Standard Text option the Operation referencing the Standard Text must:

a. Have an Equipment/ FL satisfying the other rules assigned to it OR

b. Have an Equipment/ FL satisfying the other rules at the Order Header Level