This topic provides information on how to maintain MyPM users.

SAP User Accounts

The MyPM user record is only used to control and filter what data the user receives. SAP transactional rights and processing is still subject to SAP security. The allocation of such permissions is a SAP Security role and this needs to be done as appropriate for the users and their job functions. Therefore all MyPM users must have a SAP user account and associated SAP User roles and Authorisations for all functions that they use from within MyPM and any SAP GUI/ Business Client functions they use. In this way MyPM user profiles can be managed by plant maintenance specific administrators, as operational needs dictate, and not ‘cross over’ into SAP security.

If enabled in MyPM and SAP you can access the SAP SU01 transaction for the displayed user from the ‘SAP User’ button.

Maintaining Users

Select the Maintain User tile from the main Administration screen.

  • Add new user by selecting them from the drop down list and choosing the ‘Add New User’ button. The select the added user from the list.
  • Maintain existing users by selecting them from the list.

User Tab

Now maintain the appropriate values for the user:

  • Create Field Order – Is this User authorised to create Field Work Order (subject to this function being active in MyPM)
  • Locked – set to locked if you want to disable user access to MyPM
  • View Only – when turned on all update action performed by the user will not result in updates in SAP. This is a good demo and training option whereby master and training data is not lost/ messed up
  • Reset Device – Deletes all MyPM data on the device on next sync
  • Allow Rem Work – Allow a User, on entry of a Confirmation, to enter remaining Work which will update the SAP Work Order
  • Allow Edit Work – Allow a user to edit the Order Object assignment of an Order at the header and to add Technical Objects to the Order Object List
  • Sync Order GEO – If set, on sync the user will download map tiles and maintained features for their Work Orders.
  • Validity – From and to dates. This prohibits synchronisation outside of these dates. MyPM will limit the number of ‘active’ users that your licensed for using these date values.

All other fields are lookup/ display fields:

Save your changes as appropriate.

You can query the Sync for displayed user by selecting the Syncs button.

Profiles Tab

Assign and remove profile to the user as appropriate. User can have more than one profile but can only have a specific profile assigned once (i.e. it is a key field that can not be end dated and then added back to resume at a later date/ time). A change of profile settings will trigger a full refresh on the users next sync event:

Profiles can be assigned directly or via SAP User Role as detailed in Maintain User Profiles

Save your changes as appropriate.

Work Centres

This option is only visible if you have selected the following order user assignment in the Maintain Core Settings administration:

  • 4 – MyPM WO Header Work Centre assignment associated to the user in the MyPM application
  • 5 – MyPM WO Operation Work Centre assignment associated to the user in the MyPM application.

It is used to assigned specific Work Centres to individuals without the need for HR mini masters and SAP Work Centre to User assignment:

Save your changes as appropriate.

Crew Managers – In Charge Of

If you’re licensed for use of Crew Manager a separate tab will appear. Maintain the MyPM Crew Manager users by Work Centre and date/ time period:

Save your changes as appropriate.

Download and Upload Users

You can download User and User to Profile Assignments to CSV and upload these to another system. Using the download will also provide the correct format for mass upload preparation. There is no download and upload function for the MyPM Work Centre assignment option.

Important Notes

1. All upload functionality (Users and Users to Profiles) is for add and change NOT deletes which must be manually processed

2. The data and time format in csv files will be corrupted if opened in Microsoft Excel. Editing should occur in a text editor


Use this function to download all users and their profile links – the one button action downloads both to csv files:


Use this function to load users or user to profile links from csv files: