MyPM can accommodate having selected material records transferred to the device. These can then have their balance and location displayed, be reserved against the Work Order component (demand), issued to the Work Order or, where serialised, exchanged an Equipment. Material profiles attached to user profiles allocated to a user determines what material they get on their device.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This functionality is not intended to replicate large numbers of stock records Рi.e. beyond 10k in total. If there is a need for extensive material balance functionality then that should ideally be met from a separate online application better suited to this type of use case.

Material List Search

Select the Plant and SLOC as required, enter search criteria. This could be a partial SLOC, bin, serial number, SLOC bin, description, manufacturers part number or SAP material number. Select the search button to execute.

Material List

The results of the search are displayed in the Materials List


  • Search the results
  • Filter the results to show only those lines with stock
  • Navigate to a specific Material line through list selection

Material List Detail

This shows the details for a single material record within the search parameters for Plant, SLOC, Serial and Batch


To initiate a demand (SAP Work Order Component Reservation) for the material select:

To initiate an Issue (SAP Goods Issue) for the material select:

To initiate the exchange of a serialised (Equipment) record select the Exchange button:

To View the Stock availability details in SAP Web GUI select the following button. Note that this is only available if enabled in MyPM Admin and when the MyPM application is used in a SAP Web GUI compatible browser

Material Reservation (Demands) Dialog

Orders can have Material demand reservations created for them. These are added to the Work Order Components List on successful Sync and processing in SAP.

Material Issue Dialog

If you have authority and potentially physical access to the materials you can initiate a materials issue:

Material Equipment Exchange Dialog

Serialised material with Equipment records can be used for in field Equipment Exchanges which, on update in SAP, uninstalls/ installs the selected item.