Synchronisation Logging

MyPM provides a full and detailed log of user sync events. Details include user, device type, device ID, Type, OS and positional information (configurable).

User Sync Logs – Logs Tab

Searching, Filtering and Grouping

You can search the results using the free text filter and filter and group the results based on a number of selection options:

Sync Detail – Summary Tab

The summary tab provides key information about the sync event including the device details:

Sync Detail – Steps Tab

The steps tabs provides extensive information about the sync event. This can be used to determine is a particular sync step is taking longer than anticipated or where errors are occurring in the sync process:

User Sync Logs – Last Syncs Tab

This tab shows how long since users last synced and how many times in total they have synced:

User Sync Logs – Analysis Tab

This tab provides visual information on the use of MyPM over a period and given hours of the day. It provides insights into how your workforce is operating in the field: