Documents Tab

This tab in the Notifications page shows those documents associated with the Notification and available MyPM configured customer SAP Smartform reports.

The reporting functionality is a MyPM innovation initiated by the needs of one of our customers.  You can use this functionality to provide specialised reporting, on demand for the Notification objects. For example: to show the results of historic work for the technical objects in previous notifications; order history; etc.

Documents Section

The document section shows document linked to the Notification through General Object Service (GOS).

To access a document select it from the list. When accessing from a mobile application MyPM will download documents associated with Notifications for Work Orders on the device (auto or prompted according to MyPM Admin settings). If the document has not been downloaded then this will occur on selection when online.

To upload a document (GOS documents only) select the button:

And then Add Files from the popup dialog.

Note that documents added when accessing MyPM from a browser will immediately to transferred to SAP. When adding from the MyPM application is will be stored in the MyPM Outbox for next sync with SAP.

Reports Section

The reports section shows available MyPM configured customer SAP Smartform reports. These reports are generated on request in SAP and transferred to MyPM. Where they have been previously downloaded the user will be prompted, when online, to access the local report or to regenerate from SAP.