My Notifications

Users can view, create and update Notifications from MyPM. The Notifications shown are determined as follows:

  • Work Order Notifications – Open Notifications that are associated with Work Orders on the device
  • User Notifications  – Through an optional MyPM Admin setting, all open Notifications initiated by the current user – subject to having to have the associated Technical Object being on the device. These are not subject any other filters

Note that due to performance and data volumes all Open Notifications for all Technical Objects on the device not transferred. If field personnel need to check for pre-existing Notifications then the recommended approach is to use the MyPM Report functionality. That allow you to retrieve not only current but also historic Notifications. See Maintain Online Reports.

Notification List

Notifications can be accessed from the My Notification menu panel or from individual Technical Objects (FL and EQ) records:


The list fields displayed and their screen location changes to accommodate the screen size of the device being used.

Search and Filter

Filter the displayed records using the text filter field:

Sort the displayed records using the Sort option:


Select an Order record to navigate to the Notification page.


To navigate to the GEO Map (where enabled and configueed) select the button:

Create Notification

To create a Notification select the button: