Notifications – Notifications Page and General Tab

Notification Page

The Notifications page is used to display, change and add Notifications.

Navigation to this page comes from many locations, including: Notifications List, Work Orders and Inspections. Users can view and then edit existing Notification from the Notification List or Work Order, and create them from a Technical Object record (FL and Equipment).

Information includes long texts, Item Details, Causes, Activities and Tasks are included (including filtered code catalogs), documents and photos can be uploaded (stored in SAP Notification GOS object). When configured they may also be directed to create a Notification based on their response to Inspection questions.

Each of the tabs in the page is explained in this an other articles.

Save Changes

To Save changes to the Notification use the Save button. This will save to the MyPM Outbox for update with SAP on next sync:

Menu Functions

Other self explanatory functions are accessible from the right hand button hamburger menu:

General Tab

The Notification General tab provides summary information about the Notification and access to the Notification Header long Text. The majority of the fields are editable.

Detail/ Objects Section

The information maintained in the Detail subsection is self explanatory. Object links to the Functional Location, Equipment and Order records, where maintained, can be followed to access the underlying MyPM records for these objects:

Administration/ Dates

The information maintained in the Detail subsection is self explanatory:

Text Section

The text section allow you to view and add to Notification long text. You can not edit entries already saved in SAP. This section is located at the bottom of the page.

Initiate editing using this button:

Once in the long text editor you can add templated text as configured in MyPM Admin. For more information on feature see Maintain Core Settings – Standard Text Tab

To add a GPS Lat/ Long reference to the text use this button on GPS enabled devices: