Outbox and Syncing with SAP

This section describes the Synchronisation process with SAP. Its during this step that updates made by the user are sent back to SAP for processing and updates from SAP are sent back to the MyPM application.

Sync settings, including the ability set set up Sync reminders, is configured in the Maintain Core SettingsSync Tab. Further information on how the Sync process works is provided in the article MyPM Synchronisation – How It Works.


Updates made in MyPM are generally saved in the applications Outbox ready for Synchronisation to SAP.


Users can navigate to the details of an Outbox record by selecting it. They can also delete a record using the circle cross icon in the list.

Synchronisation with SAP

When users initiate a Sync with the SAP system it processes outstanding updates from the Outbox. Syncing can only occur where a valid connection exists (i.e. Cellular or WiFi) and where the SAP system can be accessed and is available.

Sync action can be initiated from the main MyPM menu or from the Outbox. The progress of the sync is displayed to the user:


  • The Sync steps executed can change based on what updates are found in the MyPM Outbox and in SAP
  • There are some updates, like Order Status updates, that will occur in real time if the MyPM application can connect with SAP.

Synchronisation Errors

Where an update to the SAP system fails to process inside of SAP, an error message will be returned and is accessible from the Outbox.

In the following example the Work Order Confirmation could not be updated because a user currently has the Work Order open for edit in SAP. The use should correct the error or contact others to do so before re-syncing.