Run on the leading device-types of your choice. The mobile device can support multiple SAP Users in a shared environment. Optionally, the data can be encrypted for single user/ device use.

As standard, the log-on to the SAP system is controlled by your SAP log-on and password. This is then encrypted and stored in the device, protected by a pin code, for ease of subsequent access. Other authentication options supported by Neptune and available for use with MyPM include:

  • SAP Enterprise Portal
  • SAP Mobile Platform
  • SAP Hana Cloud Platform Mobile
  • SAP Mobile Secure
  • Microsoft ADFS.

The application may be further secured using two-factor authentication on initial user authentication with SAP – using an emailed code to the SAP Users email address.


Mobile Devices

The following are the targeted mobile device types – all from the same common code base:

  • iOS Tablet and Phones 7 +
  • Android Tablet and Phones 4.0 +
  • Windows 10 (Note 1)


1 – Of all the available mobile operating systems and mobile devices Windows 10 is the least common, is the most difficult to work with in terms of development and has the least available PlugIns. We recommended that customers take this into account when assessing their mobile devices and understand the consequences of this option.


As well as mobile device apps, the MyPM solution will run on HTML5 compliant Chrome, Safari and IE v11+ browsers.

When used on browsers, access to some device features, such as the camera, is not available.