MyPM is highly competitive with other SAP Plant Maintenance options, including SAP’s own Work Manager and Asset Manager. For a summary list of features to assist in your own evaluation please see: MyPM Functionality Outline

Some Points Worth Considering

While organisations may value different things when selecting their solutions, there’s obvious commonality when it comes to choosing an SAP mobile asset management. Here are some criteria to consider:

Great SAP Fiori User Experience

MyPM uses latest SAP user interface providing the same look and feel as next-generation SAP Fiori applications and with the ability to operate offline without needing additional servers and ‘black boxes’. It’s designed to work the way that field workers want to work and removes the complexity of standard SAP Plant Maintenance and a paper based process.

Innovative Functionality

MyPM provides extensive functionality that users and business demand. While much of this functionality, to varying degrees, also exist in competing products, we believe that MyPM is unique in its approach in a number of areas. These include:

  • Flexible, easy to use and easy to configure asset inspections. MyPM’s approach in this area is truly innovative in delivering powerful yet flexible functionality that what would traditionally have been paper forms translated into disparate SAP transactions
  • Clear and understandable syncing functionality. User can see what’s going on and backend SAP errors are communicated clearly and dont stop sync processing
  • Fuzzy search capabilities exists in all major lists to provide users with the kind of search functionality we experience everyday in our browsers
  • Product configuration and monitoring giving easy access to configure and monitor all aspects of MyPM operations
  • Customer assets reports. Need additional data about your assets, order or notifications – simply deliver through SAP forms developed to meet your requirements and data the data offline into the field

Great Performance

MyPM provides a responsive user experience. The delta data synchronisation saves on time and cellular data, and good data compression on device means that we maximise the use of available device resources.

Multiple Mobile Device and your Desktop Browser

MyPM and the underlying Neptune Software supports use on mobile devices and all leading desktop browsers. That’s right, mobile and desktop… the same software, the same great look and feel that automatically adapts to your screen size!

A Solution with a Clear Future

MyPM is set to continue to deliver additional functionality based on a road-map that is focused on customer feedback. Compare this with other solutions built on sunset SAP technologies or complex ‘outside’ in solutions.

Technology You Already Have, Understand and Trust

Uses SAP’s own user interface (SAPUI5) and development language (ABAP) and common technology standards (HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Cordova/ PhoneGap). All maintenance is done from within your SAP system using the change control procedures that you’re already used to – SAP transports.

Low Implementation and Support Costs

Technical implementation of MyPM is simple. The ongoing support of the solution uses readily available marketplace skills – SAP ABAPers and JavaScript development. The licensing costs are very affordable given the addressable process savings, increased efficiency and data accuracy that mobile asset management can provide.

SAP Platform with SAP Certified Base

Fully delivered from within your existing ERP SAP system. There is no requirement for SAP SMP, SAP gateway or proprietory ‘black box’ servers. The use of SAP Web Dispatchers or similar to secure your ERP access is recommended. Built using SAP Certified Neptune Software and developed in Soltius’ own namespace in SAP. This means that the MyPM development is independent of your own customer-specific developments.

No Upgrades Required

MyPM is supported from SAP ERP 6 to S/4 HANA. No support packages or upgrades are necessary.

Fully Extensible

Readily adjustable to delivery functionality the way your business needs it, using the language and terms that your people speak. This is not restricted to MyPM – Neptune offers the ability to provide your people with other mobile apps to support your field workers and desktop personnel. This is a crucial capabilty for you to deploy other applications through the same mobile application channel – for example: Stock Look-Up; CATS Time Sheets; Create Requisitions; etc