Order Page

Order Header and General Functions

At the header of the page the Order type and Priority are displayed along with the Work Order Number and most recent Order Status. These elements remain the same regardless of the tab selected.

Update the Order Status

Users can update the Order and Order Operations status on the device. The status values are fully configurable and can be used to update the Order and Operational User Status on processing in SAP and or update a MyPM status specific to that user. Users can see a full history, when connected, of the Order and Operation status updates of other users, including when they first received the Order to their device.

Note: When users are connected Status updates will occur in real time, if they are not connected then they will go into the MyPM Outbox for user initiated syncing.

Initiate Order changes using this button:

Save Changes

To Save changes to the Order use the Save button. This will save to the MyPM Outbox for update with SAP on next sync:

Menu Functions

Other self explanatory functions are accessible from the right hand button hamburger menu:

The remainder of this article along with a series of other articles explain the tabs available in the Work Order page.

Order Tab

The Order tab provides summary information about the Order and access to the Order Header long Text. Unless specifically indicated all fields are read only and can not be edited.

Detail/ Objects Section

The information maintained in the Detail subsection is self explanatory. Object links to the Functional Location, Equipment and Notification records, where maintained, can be followed to access the underlying MyPM records for these objects:

Users can edit the Functional Location and or Equipment Objects if this has been enabled in their MyPM User account by MyPM Administrators (and, for successful processing, where they have the required permissions in SAP).

Administration/ Dates Section

The information maintained in this section is self explanatory.

Partner Information Section

To view partner information open the Partners section:

Clicking on the links, where propeller maintained will open Google Drive maps to the partners address or initiate a mobile call from phones.

Text Section

The text section allow you to view and add to Order Header long text. You can not edit entries already saved in SAP. This section is located at the bottom of the page.

Initiate editing using this button:

Once in the long text editor you can add templated text as configured in MyPM Admin. For more information on feature see Maintain Core Settings – Standard Text Tab

To add a GPS Lat/ Long reference to the text use this button on GPS enabled devices: