S5 Consulting has skilled consultants, advisers and developers who all have extensive expertise and are certified in their respective areas. We cover the whole range of SAP experience: SAP flow, SAP processes, Lean, unique SAP user surfaces, SAP UX, SAP Personas, SAP UI5, SAP Fiori, SAP mobile solutions and SAP S/4 HANA. We also have extensive and updated knowledge on mobility solutions from Neptune and integrated CRM solutions from Salesforce.

Together with our partners we represent a complete competence environment with more than 75 skilled consultants who ensure that SAP customers get the most out of their investment and experience new aspects of SAP.

Sveinung Gehrken


Sveinung is S5 Consulting’s CEO. His educational background is from engineering and industrial economics, as well as a business MBA from USA.

Sveinung has 25 years experience from IT projects. As well as being S5 Consulting’s CEO, Sveinung focuses on project management, solution architecture and integration design, combining technical expertise, business acumen and project efficiency in a unique way.

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    Terje Pedersen

    Logistics and Solution Architect

    Terje’s primary role is as application consultant within sales and logistics, but he also functions as a project manager and solution architect in S5 Consulting. His strong focus on new SAP user experience has helped many companies and SAP users to become more efficient, through simpler solutions based on new UX technology, especially in sales and logistics.

    Terje is a passionate Lean thinker, a great advantage to his focus on new user experiences.

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      Håvard Grenan

      CRM, Logistics and Solution Architecture

      Håvard is a SAP Consultant with more than 16 years of experience within Supply Chain Management and Customer Management Relationship. He has been involved in numerous implementations – from producing industries, through Oil & Gas, to Retail and Consumer Business. He is known for his high versatility, as he has proven himself to be a skilled Project Manager, Team Leader, Solution Architect and Developer. The combination of his in-deep knowledge of SAP systems and extremely good understanding of business processes is a major factor to ensure great value for projects’ results. He speaks Norwegian (native language), English and German.

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        Martin Sommer

        UX and System Integration

        Martin’s educational background is within integration architecture. In S5 Consulting, he is responsible for User Experience and SAP systems. He previously worked for Evry, and contributes with significant technological expertise and experience across the SAP modules and standard processes.

        Martin strives to create lasting value for customers and partners.

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          Svein-Bjarne Moeng

          SAP Developer

          Svein-Bjarne is one of ours most experienced SAP-developer. In addition to seven years of experience from his own consulting business, Svein-Bjarne has also been working in Pearl Consulting and ProSap.
          His key expertise is within system integration, development and mobile. He is an expert in Web development, IoT, Cloud, ABAP and R3.

          Svein-Bjarne is known for his unique understanding of architecture, processes and SAP applications. He has a genuine and passionate interest for SAP and development. We are looking forward to giving our customers and partners the pleasure of collaborating with him.

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            Ubota Daniel Otragane

            SAP Developer

            Ubota is an ABAP developer with impressive work experience from SAP implementation projects in Norway.He has been programming in ABAP since 1997. The main programming area in the SAP ERP software has been the Logistics modules, especially Sales and Distribution and the Material management. During his work experience, Ubota has acquired relevant skills in SAP software and SAP business processes.

            Now Ubota’s main focus is on new interface programming for application development and SAP Fiori User Experience. He helps our customers with SAP tools for System Integration and development.

            +47 95 08 57 65 |

              El Morabeti Mohamed Hocein

              SAP Developer

              Morabeti is adapt at solving complex problems. With back-end and front-end experience and an engineering background, he can analyse user requirements, research, design and write innovative, efficient software. He has an interest for machine learning and emerging technologies.

              In his free time he likes to update his technical knowledge and skills by reading scientific papers and accessing new applications.

              +47 46 74 96 33 |

                Nicolay Aarstad Wildhagen

                User Experience, Mobility, Security and Technology

                Nicolay is a SAP Certified ABAP developer with a leading role within User Experience in S5 Consulting. He has extensive project experience on SAP access control, and key expertise on secure, user friendly and efficient SAP- and Neptune solutions.
                Nicolay is known to always deliver on time and according to expectations and is passionately engaged in innovation and value creation in S5 Consulting.

                +47 930 39 304 |

                  Thomas S. Andersen

                  User Experience, Mobility and Technology

                  Thomas is S5 Consulting’s SAP developer, with key expertise and long experience in User Experience. He has an impressive background with a Master in Psychology, which he advantageously uses when he simplifying and enhancing the user experience in SAP.

                  Thomas takes great responsibility in his work, is always up to speed and is passionate about the integration between people and technology.

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                    Gary O’Neill

                    Senior SAP Consultant

                    Gary’s expertise is within UX, mobility and technology. In S5 Consulting, his main role is as a developer within ERP solutions and SAP Mobile (Agentry and Fiori).

                    Gary came to S5 Consulting from Skye, with a heavy tech expertise and long experience from IBM and SAP technology. He aims to always deliver user-friendly solutions in line with the customer’s needs.

                    Besides work, family os Gary’s focus, and whenever there is time, he enjoys games, movies and good TV series.

                    +47 940 11 684 |

                      Rahul Agrawal

                      Senior SAP Developer

                      Rahul has key expertise within SAP ABAP and Neptune Designer. His competence is major contribution to the areas of integration and Neptune Applications in S5 Consulting’s projects. He is keen to keep the skills alive, and is always looking for opportunities to strengthen his knowledge.

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                        Abhishek Jain

                        SAP Developer

                        +47 40 63 40 61 |

                          Amadeusz Musiol

                          User Experience Designer

                          Amadeusz has nearly 10 years of experience working as a User Experience and and Web Designer. He also is a certified Agile Project Manager. In the following years he gained essential experience in implementing Web and UX solutions.
                          He is an expert within creating interactive prototypes, wireframes, user stories and workflow diagrams for digital experiences. Amadeusz specializes in creating design solutions that fulfill business, brand and user requirements. He proved himself to understand both business and functional side of a project, since he has been involved in managing a team of offshore developers.

                          +47 40 96 81 30 |

                            Meriton Gashi

                            SAP Developer

                            +47 47 63 71 61 |

                              Manuel Alonso Perez de Algaba

                              SAP Front-end Developer

                              With a mixed background of applied mathematics and informatics, Manuel is a methodical and analytical person who thrives researching new fields and solving practical challenges.
                              His skills vary from applied statistics and mathematical computing to system programming and web developing. In his current role at S5 Consulting he is focused on creating the best user experiences in the cloud and empower them with cutting-edge technologies such as IoT or Machine learning.

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