Technology Partners

Technology Partners

We have a dedicated network of technology partners, supporting us with the best possible platforms for successful projects.

Neptune Software
S5 Consulting delivers Neptune Software platforms as part of their mobility solutions. Neptune offers the most cost-effective and secure way to make available any SAP functionality with user-friendly interfaces on mobile, tablets and desktops. Neptune’s tight integration with SAP’s own source code ensures fast and secure implementations, minimizes the total cost and provides rapid ROI.

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As well as being an SAP Sell Partner, we are one of few SAP partners in Norway with an SAP PCoE certification, ensuring our customers and partners the relevant SAP expertise needed to take responsibility for license maintenance and support on behalf of SAP.

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Medius Flow
S5 Consulting is Business Partner of Medius Flow, offering a next-generation, cloud-based AP invoice automation solution designed to maximize touchless invoice processing. MediusFlow offers tremendous business flexibility and advanced invoice matching functionality available through a modern, simple user experience on desktop as well as mobile devices, integrated with your SAP system.

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S5 is proud to present Soltius NZ as a technology partner for mobile SAP solutions. Soltius have recently developed an innovative Plant Maintenance solution for mobile, delivered by S5, making the day easier for SAP users in Norway and throughout Scandinavia. Soltius is one of New Zealand`s most trusted SAP partner, delivering solutions, support and consulting to 80 organizations nationwide. Soltius is also proud to be the first certified SAP expertise in the Asia Pacific.

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Logiq provides cloud-based solutions for handling business critical data between customers and their trading partners. They are currently exchanging electronic invoices, orders, confirmations, catalog information and related commercial documents in a global network of more than 100,000 companies. The company is a trusted supplier to a large number of customers, and their exceptional focus on customer experience makes them a reliable and trusted partner by S5.

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