Try BlueWorx

Try BlueWorx for Yourself!

Since seeing is believing we have a demo application available for you to try.

There are two logon modes for the application, ‘Demo Logon’ and ‘Your System Logon’:

  • For demonstration purposes please use the ‘Demo Logon’ which connects to a D5 demonstration system. Please note that any changes that you make to data in the application and then sync with our system will be disregarded on processing.
  • The ‘Your System Logon’ option is for use with your own SAP system and BlueWorx application registered through your Neptune Software Planet 8 Cockpit. It requires SAP, Neptune Software and BlueWorx commercial agreements, installation and configuration.

Not for production use: The BlueWorx application is not meant for usage with productive SAP systems. This is because we can’t maintain a single application against all our customers SAP and Neptune releases. Customers should create their own version in order to avoid version conflicts between the version on App Store and SAP back-end when Zag chooses to update the version on App Store. Full directions for customers to create their own enterprise application version is available from Zag.

Scan the QR Code

Scan the QR code below from a QR scanner application or, for newer mobile devices, from your photo’s application.

Install via URL Link

Follow the URL link appropriate for your device type:

Apple App Store – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blueworx/id1461719276

Google Play Store – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=team.zag.blueworx

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for the application is located here: Privacy policy


Please note that the application is not available in all territories. If you have an interest in the application and its not listed for your territory then please contact us.

Linking BlueWorx Application to your Own SAP Instance

The following provides instructions for customers wanting to try the BlueWorx application with your own installation in a non productive manner and for use with Neptune Planet 8 version 5.3+ releases:

Step 1 – Neptune Mobile Client

Create a Neptune Mobile Client as per the BlueWorx Installation and Configuration Guide. Ensure that you maintain an address for the application that is accessible from your device (WiFi if accessing internally, cellular if accessing externally) and that any external access points have been professional audited for security. Also ensure that the personnel wanting to access the Mobile Client have the correct policies.

Step 2 – QR Code/ Publish Neptune Mobile Client

In the Launchpad select the Publish to Neptune Client button. Using this functionality you can use either of the following options:

  1. QR Code Option – Copy the QR code for later use in the next step.  In this case you must maintain the values and NOT press the Publish button; OR
  2. Neptune Software Publish Option – Publish the application to Neptune Software’s service, having maintained policies in the form of email domains. In this case you must maintain the values AND press the Publish button.

For more information regarding this functionality see: https://community.neptune-software.com/documentation/publishing-launchpad-neptune-mobile-client

Step 3 – Configure Device Application for Mobile Client

  1. Open the BlueWorx application on your device.
  2. At the logon prompt select the option “Your System Logon”
  3. Depending on the option you used in the previous sub-section you can either:
    1. QR Code Option – Select the System Details lower right button and scan the QR code (distributed as printed image or via desktop email); OR
    2. Neptune Software Publish Option – Enter your email address, select Send button, check your email account for an activation code, enter the code in the application, select the system from the available list
  4. At the screen prompts enter your SAP logon and password; enter a passcode (note that your username and password are stored on the device and are encrypted using the passcode you enter