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Webinar – SAP Cloud Platform Portal
How to build digital experience portals for employees, customers and partners

Are you thinking about replacing your SAP internal portal solutions?


Do you use SAP and want to replace your internal portal solutions, documentmanagment, employee manger, reporting, access to other systems or store solutions (cx)?

Then this webinar is perfect for you.

Full stack UX/CX based on SAP Cloud Portal Services/WebIDE/Hana
The webinar will be held on the 31st of October at 09:00. The webinar will be held by Sveinung Gehrken. 
Sveinung is S5 Consulting’s CEO. His educational background is from engineering and industrial economics, as well as a business MBA from USA.
Sveinung has 25 years experience from IT projects. As well as being S5 Consulting’s CEO, Sveinung focuses on project management, solution architecture and integration design, combining technical expertise, business acumen and project efficiency in a unique way.


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