S5 Consulting Primary sponsor at Neptune UX Summit 2017

                  Are you looking to increase efficiency in your processes? Considering mobilizing users on legacy systems? Or do you want to drive efficiencies with proven User Experience (UX)? Then Neptune UX Summit 2017 is the place to be, along with S5 Consulting.…


Improved automation and streamlining with MediusFlow and S5 Consulting

As the only SAP partner in Norway, S5 Consulting now offers MediusFlow for SAP, giving SAP users a wide range of new opportunities. Many SAP customers use expensive, old fashioned and user-unfriendly on-premise solutions to manage incoming invoices. These solutions are often based on customer-specific Z-applications, Z-tables or SAP Workflow,…

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User Experience – our main focus

Gode brukeropplevelser_S5 ConsultingIn S5 Consulting, customer experience is priority number one in all projects. Our goal is to deliver maximum customer value and a user experience exceeding the client’s expectations.

Together with our technology partners and S5 Community, we possess the optimal competence to support our clients with innovative, user-friendly solutions within our focus areas: SAP ERP and HANA, Mobility/UX, SalesForce CRM and Project Management.

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SAP Fiori® Warehouse Management App powered by Neptune Software

S5 Consulting_Warehouse Management

Increase productivity and user satisfaction by getting the job done quicker and easier with S5 Consulting’s Warehouse Management solutions powered by Neptune Software.

An intuitive touch-optimized user interface combined with optimized process flow provides easy access to essential information.

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S5 Community and Technology Partners

S5 Community
S5 Community is a dedicated SAP network of specialists who create more value together than individually. We meet expectations through predictable and successful projects, highly qualified resources, focus on morality and ethics, appropriate solutions and skilled people. Together, we cover all of SAP’s five market areas, providing great experiences with SAP.

S5 Community is initiated and led by S5 Consulting, and consists of the SAP partners Sariba, TechWeaver, ROFF Consulting, Basis Consulting and BIdrill.

We also have a dedicated network of technology partners, supporting us with the best possible platforms for successful projects. The partner network consists of Neptune Software, SAP, SalesForce and Medius Flow.

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